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Breathe Easy

Our in-house line of personal protective equipment is available to distributors, healthcare providers, businesses, and governments.


Our products are made domestically by our quality-obsessed team. We also manufacture many of the raw materials in-house, and source everything else from as close to home as possible to minimize our carbon footprint and maximize the integrity of every item you receive. Add that our products undergo rigorous lab testing and research in our world-class innovation center, and you'll see why we take the guesswork out of safety. 


Effective, comfortable, and proudly indigenous-made, we're here to bring you peace of mind.

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Spiral Structure

✔ North American made

✔ Flexible order sizes

✔ Trustworthy supply chain

✔ High quality

✔ Reduced carbon footprint

✔ Speedy delivery


✔ Lab-tested

✔ Lot tracking

✔ Great customer service

Masks You Can Trust

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All Products

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We offer a complete line of surgical and non-surgical gowns to meet the needs of most medical environments. Made from materials you can rely on and comfort you can feel, our Level 1 through Level 4 gowns deliver excellent protection without compromising functionality.



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Face Masks

Whether for doctors doing patient exams, dentists doing orthodontic work, or auxiliary teams doing operatory cleaning, these masks block out at least 95% of airborne particles and are designed for professionals requiring ASTM 2 and 3 protection.

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Our hard shell respirators filter out at least 95% of airborne particles including sub-micron particles, fine dusts, non-oil-based liquid mists, and viruses, while still delivering comfort and breathability.



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