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Injection Molded Plastics

We are a full-service plastic injection molding manufacturer located just outside of Montreal, Canada. Our localized team are here to help you manufacture high-quality parts that bring peace of mind to your manufacturing process and establish a supply chain you can trust.


Just a few reasons our clients love us are:​

  • Fast turn around times

  • Wide range of materials

  • Flexible order quantities

  • Cost reduction strategies

  • Parts assembly services

  • Packaging services

  • Excellent customer service

  • ISO 9001 & 13485 environments

  • State-of-the-art quality inspection lab on-site

  • Expertise with complex parts

  • Clean room environment

  • Efficient production methods

  • Traceability 

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Orbiting Around Sphere

What is
Injection Molding?

Injection molding is a great option for mass producing plastic parts. Melted plastic resin is injected into a mold to create high quality and often complex components. Although investments are required for tooling, the price per unit is much lower than many other plastic manufacturing processes. To make sure you get the highest quality in the most cost-effective way, we can also support your project with product development, prototyping, and mold making.

Injection Molded
Medical Plastics

We can make injection mold plastics for medical use. All of our facilities adhere to clean room standards and our in-house testing facilities make us uniquely we specialized to manufacture:

  • Medical instruments

  • Diagnostic tools

  • Lab ware

  • Personal protective equipment

  • Dental devices

  • Surgical devices

  • Pharmaceutic supplies

  • Health and wellness products

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Spiral Structure

✔ North American made

✔ Flexible order sizes

✔ Trustworthy supply chain

✔ Great customer service

✔ Reduced carbon footprint

✔ Clean room environment

✔ Speedy delivery

✔ In-house testing & tracking

✔ High quality, low cost


How Can We Help?

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