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LaFlesche Joins Defence Industry Advisory Group to Advance Indigenous Interests

LaFlesche proudly announces its inclusion in the Defence Industry Advisory Group (DIAG), a strategic initiative aimed at advancing Indigenous interests within Canadian defence procurement. Spearheaded by the First Nations Procurement Organization (FNPO), DIAG fosters coordinated dialogue between the Government of Canada and industry stakeholders to identify common objectives for enhancing defence procurement processes.

DIAG represents a pivotal step in addressing systemic barriers faced by Indigenous businesses in accessing procurement opportunities in the defence secto. With less than one percent of the federal procurement budget allocated to Indigenous enterprises, there's a pressing need to amplify Indigenous participation and contribution.

"As an Indigenous-owned business, we understand the importance of meaningful engagement in defence procurement," remarked Thanwennontie Thomas, LaFlesche President. "Through platforms like DIAG, we have the opportunity to shape policies that drive economic empowerment and foster Reconciliation."

Comprised of industry associations, Indigenous-led businesses, and government representatives, DIAG serves as a forum for collaborative action. Together, members strategize on how to effectively contribute to the 5% Indigenous procurement target while advancing the broader goals of Reconciliation.

Climate change preparedness and natural disaster response remain key focuses for Canadian defence planning.

"First Nations businesses face formidable challenges in navigating procurement processes," noted Thomas. "Our involvement in DIAG underscores our commitment to overcoming these barriers and maximizing economic opportunities for Indigenous communities, especially for defence initiatives that align with our values like climate change preparedness, natural disaster response, or humanitarian aid."

By championing Indigenous participation in defence procurement and fostering collaborative partnerships, LaFlesche and DIAG are poised to create a more inclusive and prosperous future for Indigenous businesses in Canada.

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