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Breathe Easy

Our in-house line of face masks and respirators is available to distributors, healthcare providers, businesses, and governments.


Every mask is made in Canada by our quality-obsessed team. Not only do we make the masks, we also make the life-saving filtration fabrics that go into them too. Add to that our products undergo rigorous lab testing in our world-class testing facility each-and-every-day, and you'll see why we take the guesswork out of safety. 


Effective, comfortable, and proudly made in Canada, LaFlesche brings peace of mind to every breath.

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Spiral Structure

✔ North American made

✔ Flexible order sizes

✔ Trustworthy supply chain

✔ High quality

✔ Reduced carbon footprint

✔ Speedy delivery

✔ Lab-tested

✔ Lot tracking

✔ Great customer service

Masks You Can Trust

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ASTM Level 1

Our level 1 masks offer reliable and trustworthy protection for everyday people doing everyday things. So comfortable they’re like a hug for your face. And so safe they block out over 90% of airborne viruses and pollutants.



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ASTM Level 2 & 3

Whether for doctors doing patient exams, dentists doing orthodontic work, or auxiliary teams doing operatory cleaning, these masks block out at least 95% of airborne particles and are designed for professionals requiring ASTM 2 and 3 protection.

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Hard Shell Respirators

Our hard shell respirators filter out at least 95% of airborne particles including sub-micron particles, fine dusts, non-oil-based liquid mists, and viruses, while still delivering comfort and breathability.



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