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Prototyping is an essential phase in the innovation process. We can work with you to create prototypes to communicate concepts to stakeholders, fix design issues early in development, or to optimize products before beginning mass production.


Adaptive technologies such as 3D printing and digital manufacturing are making it easier than ever to create quick, cost-effective, and functional prototypes that will save you time and money down the road. The range of materials also continues to expand, further pushing quality up and the cost of production down.

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Here for You

With thousands of materials to choose from and a variety of manufacturing options at hand, prototyping can seem daunting. That's why our team is standing by to remove uncertainty and deliver the best solutions for your unique project.


If your concept is still in ideation phase, we can also provide product development services such as CAD drawings, injection point designs, and whatever is needed to get your project underway.


Spiral Structure

✔ North American made

✔ Flexible order sizes

✔ Trustworthy supply chain

✔ Great customer service

✔ Reduced carbon footprint

✔ Clean room environment


✔ Speedy delivery

✔ In-house testing & tracking

✔ High quality, low cost


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